A Human Project with Guest Wesley Chapman: MakingBank S1E61

May 28, 2017

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=== SUMMARY ===

Imagine never having the opportunity to know your father—not because he died fighting in some awful, bloody struggle, or became afflicted with some horrific disease—but because he didn’t want to be there.

Now, travel back to your four-year-old self. What if—instead of enjoying trips to the park, or having playtime with your favorite toy—you found yourself changing diapers of and preparing food for your younger siblings?

How would your life be different if you spent earliest years going in and out of foster care?

Or being partially raised by an astoundingly abusive step-father?

Envision how challenging it would be to mentally and physically overcome even one of these barriers to success…

…Could you do it?

Even if you could do it, how would you do it?

Those are questions to keep in mind as you listen to today’s episode of Making Bank with guest Wesley Chapman—a man who overcame all of the aforementioned hurdles (and then some) on the way to becoming an uber-successful entrepreneur and self-described “Humanity Advocate.”

Wesley is a man who believes we all have a unique value proposition to offer the world, it’s just a question of sitting down and actually identifying it—something that (as Wesley freely admits) is easier said than done.

But if you can do it—if you can keep pushing and trying to focus on your unique strength—amazing things will happen.

Tune-in to hear Wesley and Josh cover a number of powerful talking points, including...

  • Wesley’s depression-clad, suicide-attempt-laden childhood
  • The process for identifying your unique gift
  • Modern, unseen threats to the modern family
  • Why proving yourself right is more powerful than proving others wrong
  • How developing a rudimentary understanding (and appreciation) of money at a young age leads to greatness
  • The relationship between success and honesty with oneself
  • Wesley’s involvement with A Human Project

…And much, much more!

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