FLOW - Fulfilling Life by Optimizing Work with Guest James Nowlin: MakingBank S2E18

October 1, 2017

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=== SUMMARY ===

Many entrepreneurs build successful businesses simply by focusing on their greatest strength—the one thing they do better than anyone else.

But how many entrepreneurs build successful businesses by focusing on their greatest weakness?

And that’s what makes today’s guest on Making Bank, Chandler Bolt, so interesting—he decided to go against the grain and build a business with his greatest weakness—writing.

A lifetime “C” English student and college dropout, Chandler overcame his hatred of writing to write five, best-selling books including The Productive Person, Book Launch, and Published.

He then went on to start the Self-Publishing School, a business that’s helped thousands of people write and publish their own books. The school did $3.2 MILLION in revenue during its first year of operation, and is today considered the #1 online resource for first-time authors.

Tune-in as Chandler demystifies the book writing process and discusses...

  • The importance of learning by doing
  • Why you need to crunch the timeline for writing
  • The 3 stages of writing a book: mind map, outline, write
  • The danger of tying your self-worth to your business
  • The importance of daily success rituals
  • How to work through the struggles of writing a book Few things are as unhelpful or as destructive to the entrepreneur as an interruption—those events and occurrences that jar you from your flow-state, and completely throw off your momentum.

An unexpected phone call...An untimely resignation....An unresponsive third-party contractor...A complaint from a client...

Interruptions like these aren’t just disruptive, they’re discouraging. They sap you of your energy, and poison your otherwise positive working attitude.

And what does that lead to? Nothing short of a total drop in productivity.

But the thing that’s most frustrating about interruptions is this:

They will never go away.

As long as you’re an entrepreneur, you’re going to be forced to deal with distractions and disruptions. They will be as regular as the rising and the setting of the sun.

The good news is, you don’t have to learn how to eliminate interruptions, and you don’t need to go to extremes to avoid them—you just need to learn how to experience them.

Which is why host Josh Felber is excited to welcome guest James Nowlin, onto today’s episode of Making Bank.

A successful businessman who knows exactly what it takes to overcome the biggest interruption of all—death—James helps entrepreneurs understand how to approach interruptions in a healthy, positive way. A way that allows them to mitigate the chance of any negative outcome or impact.

By teaching others how to cultivate a mindset that embraces interruptions for what they are—an unavoidable eventuality—James transforms his followers and fellow entrepreneurs into unstoppable tsunamis of productivity.  

Tune-in to hear James talk about his company, Excel Global Partners, his latest book, The Purposeful Millionaire, as well as...

How to have a mindset that is powerful and purposeful

Why a life worth living is one of reflection and careful examination

What “energy deposits” and “energy withdrawals” look like

    How to employ routines for success

    What it means to become a manager of your energy

    Why gratitude is essential for a distraction-proof mindset

    What it means to establish a state of flow

    How you can find the right meditation practice


And much more…

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