Prioritizing Health with Guest Glenn Dawson: MakingBank S2E9

July 30, 2017

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=== SUMMARY ===

In theory, staying healthy has never been this easy, and yet, the reality feels quite different.


Our world is one of constantly changing priorities, shifting schedules, increasing demands, and incessant psychological challenge. These are the non-obvious toxins poisoning our lives.

And the worst part is, we’re doing it to ourselves. We’re prioritizing everything over our personal well-being.

But, what if we didn’t do that?

What if we could find a way to align the demands of the everyday, with the demands of our health?

What if we were to actively acknowledge that our effectiveness as both people and businesspeople increases when we prioritize our mental and physical health?

Reflective questions like these are what today’s guest on Making Bank, Glenn Dawson, wants us to ask ourselves.

Glenn doesn’t hammer his clients with the same generic, motivational fodder used by the majority of personal trainers on the market. Instead, his membership program—which features online coaching and training videos—inspires clients to prioritize their health by reminding them of the commitments they already have, and the investments they’ve already made.

In addition to being a Functional Fitness Performance Trainer, Glenn Dawson is the cofounder of RestU Fitness and Elevate Nutrition supplements, businesses he started to help train world-class athletes, Olympians, and NFL players.

Tune-in to learn how you can maximize your performance through fitness, and how you can...

•Take action to do the work that you LOVE

•Build a business with your best-friend

•Practice responsible marketing

•Debunk the myth of fat as the enemy

•Use intermittent fasting as a tool for getting lean

•Learn how to be motivated by the BENEFITS of exercise

•Be laser-focused every, single day

And much more…

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=== ABOUT Josh Felber ===

As a High Performance Coach and Start-Up Advisor, I help business owners, entrepreneurs, & millennials understand where you can grow your business with fast proven results to obtain wealth and find freedom. 

A serial entrepreneur with 28+ years of starting and growing multiple multi-million dollar companies (including one with $5 Billion annual revenues), I’ve been:

  • 2x Best-Selling Author as a co-author with Steve Forbes & Brian Tracy
  • Voted the Best Personal Finance Expert in 2014 (National GOBankingRates competition)
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  • Keynote Speaker
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I’ve helped my clients achieve:

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  • Go from 0 to $30 Million company valuation in 9 years

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