The Art of Making Things Happen with Guest Steve Sims: MakingBank S2E21

October 23, 2017

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=== SUMMARY ===


There is an old saying that most entrepreneurs know well:


If you’re the smartest person in the room, you’re in the wrong room.


And that’s a saying today’s guest on Making Bank, Steve Sims, not only believes in, but fully embodies.


In fact, Steve is usually the dumbest person in the room, and that’s just fine by him. Truth be told, being the dumbest person in the room is Steve’s greatest talent. Where “smarter” people might obsess about how insurmountable a task might be, “simple Steve” just starts working on it.


He just starts making phone calls, starts mailing letters, starts sending gifts—anything he can do to make a connection.


Stated simply, Steve keeps knocking on opportunity’s door until his knuckles are bleeding and opportunity has no choice but to open up.


Steve Sims went from the rough and tumble streets of lower-middle class London, to earning notoriety in publications like The Wall Street Journal, the London Sunday Times, and Forbes using grit and little else.


His fee-based concierge firm—Bluefish—costs $5,000 a year to join, and manages the travel, experiences, and events, for some of the world’s most successful people. He’s helped clients sing with Lady Gaga, take a submarine to the Titanic, and even get married at the Vatican.


And therein lies the lesson for entrepreneurs both established and aspiring.


Success it’s a binary who you know or what you know equation. Success can also be achieved by unrelenting hard work, and a personal resolve that refuses to quit even in the face of overwhelming odds of incessant failure.


So, tune-in and listen-up to hear Steve and Josh talk about determination and the stupidity gene, as well as...


  • The dangers of listening to the “but...” in your head
  • Why you should only associate with people you like
  • Why you need to do whatever it is that you want to do
  • What it means to take a setback on the chin and keep moving forward
  • How to not only overcome commonly perceived weaknesses, but turn them into strenghts

And much, much more...

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