The Power of Adaptability with Guest Tom Bilyeu: Making Bank S2E23

November 6, 2017

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=== SUMMARY ===


In the realm of entrepreneurship, it’s neither the strongest nor the smartest that survives—it’s the most adaptive.


The entrepreneur who can see and adapt themselves to the incessant tides of change is worth more to the economy than the savviest graduate from Harvard Business School, or the world’s most relentless cold-calling salesman.


But adaptability rarely gets the attention it deserves, often overshadowed by business pundits who want to write or speak about “getting smart” or “getting tough” as a means to achieving entrepreneurial ends.


That changes today.


Today, on Making Bank, host Josh Felber invites entrepreneur, fitness fanatic, and film-freak Tom Bilyeu to discuss the power of adaptability and self-belief.


As a child, Tom was obsessed with two arts that made him feel alive—comedy and film—and his passion was so all-consuming that he pursued a career in both for decades.


But as much as Tom loved his two arts, he knew needed a path to wealth as well.


So, what did Tom do?


He adapted.


He transformed his thinking. He shifted from a fixed-mindset to a growth-mindset, and in doing so, he started down a path that would lead to unimaginable wealth and success.


The company Tom started in 2010—along with co-founders Ron Penna and Mike Osborn—was called Quest Nutrition, and within three years it became the #2 on the Fastest Growing Company in America, according to INC Magazine.


Without his penchant for adaptation and his willingness to engage in a growth-mindset, Tom would have stuck with his career in film like a stubborn bulldog and missed his financial white whale.


Today, Tom spends the majority of his time running a new venture called Impact Theory, a for-profit media company designed to end the generational poverty that is caused by the toxic “poor mindset”.


Tune-in to hear Josh and Tom discuss the development of Tom's latest venture, Impact Theory, as well as...


  • The limitations of constrictive belief systems
  • What it means to make someone else your #1
  • The value of being totally open and exposed and vulnerable to criticism
  • What it takes to build (and maintain) a successful marriage
  • How entrepreneurs should distinguish themselves if they’re just getting started

 And much, much more...

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